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JKL Technologies is a Technology Startup out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We work on E-Commerce Technologies especially building Online Shopping Stores for niche markets across the globe along with SEO/SEM for E-Commerce. We also build custom solutions on top of E-Commerce, for example if you would like your customers to choose and apply relevant coupon codes to maximize their purchase value, we build that.

We are currently also working on a CROI AI which is a AI platform to enhance User Experience within an e-commerce store and maximize revenue based on User Requirements. Calculate RoI based on Marketing Channel Investments (Google/FB Ad Spend, etc.,). Product attraction, purchase analysis, etc.,

JKL Technologies is all about passion for development, in engaging with the customers to make their work fun, we do enjoy it because this is our passion. Our company is founded on the basis of loving what you do! And to an extent we do whatever we do such that it makes our customers’​ work seem like its what they would love to do.

Customer Experience is core to our products & Services. Our thought process thoroughly involves what our customers will do? Hence, our functionalities though technical will focus on satisfying what customers’​ need & want rather than for the sake of it. The complex functionalities are simplified such that every user who faces the product will take back the joy of using it.

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