Word Jumble Cricket Players - Word Jumble Puzzle Game

Word Jumble Cricket Players (Android App) is a classic trivia word jumble game for mobile & tablet devices enjoyable by fans of Cricket. It has been tested in Sony XPeria, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus range of Phones & Tablets.

Word Jumble Cricket Players lets you enjoy the Cricket Trivia with player names from all the countries playing the wonderful game of Cricket.

This game enthuses you to learn more about your favourite players and enjoy the mood of watching Live Cricket action.

  • All the Players from across 8 Test Playing Nations and Associate Nations who have qualified for the World Cup 2015. As well as Cricket Players participating in various twenty-twenty tournaments such as IPL, BBL, etc., are also included in our database.
  • Engaging Natural touch gaming
  • Endless Word Jumble format, you only quit when you fail to solve 3 consecutive puzzles or want to get a break from the game yourself

Word Jumble Cricket Players provides a enthralling design as a tablet word game.

The tablet interface unifies the experience of classic Word Jumble solving, which is available as a rich interface for the big screen of tablets.

Word Jumble Cricket Players supplements our classic Word Jumble gaming experience in Vocabul Jumble (Word Jumble) also available in Android.

Various features such as difficulty level, addictive endless game play, scintillating music, this game is one of the most actively played games. Eventhough WorldCup 2015 will be over soon, this game will re-vitalize itself with more refreshing collection of player names and trivia along with themes focusing on upcoming Cricket events such as IPL and bi-lateral and Triangular series around the world.

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“Marvellous, Lovable Game ” - John

“This Excellent Game ” - Rahul

“Knowledgeable” - Wendell

“I Love Cricket Games ” - Abid

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