Vocabul Hangman - a classic Hangman Puzzle Game

Vocabul Hangman (Android App) is a classic Hangman Game for mobile & tablet devices enjoyable by kids and grown-ups alike. It has been tested in Sony XPeria, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus (5” & 7”) range of Phones & Tablets.

Vocabul Hangman is an interesting premise which mixes challenges in Levels & Words with a varied list of over tens of thousands of words. Vocabul Hangman provides you with a means to solve the intriguing word puzzle.

Parents love their kids need to increase their Vocabulary by encountering new words. Vocabul Hangman provides an ideal platform for the same.

With over 10,000 words in the database, Vocabul Hangman keeps the game fresh for repeat playing. Word Hangman Game is a fun way to test kids' vocabulary.

Vocabul Hangman gives you option to play against a time-limit or a relaxed game play (no time-limit) to score points, collect coins & earn star rating for each level. Its a wonderful word game which increases the thirst for learning more words.

  • Over 10,000 words in the database to solve word Hangman & learn
  • Engaging Natural touch gaming for kids
  • Difficulty Levels & Grades for a very satisfying & growing word game
  • Multi-User Gaming to enjoy healthy competition between siblings & friends
  • Casual & Against (V/s) Time Game Play Modes for relaxed as well as Challenge Game Play Modes
  • Earning Coins for Hints to help identifying the Word in the Hangman Game
  • A clear game difficulty levels with Grades such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Expert Grades
  • Themes such as the seasonal Christmas & Winter, Ocean, Academy Awards (Oscar), etc., to play specialized trivia word puzzles

Vocabul Hangman provides a specific design as a tablet game. The tablet interface unifies the experience of classic Hangman puzzle game solving, which can be made available in the big screen of tablets.

A rich mobile application is provided for various tablet platforms (Android, Windows 8 & Apple iOS) to provide an intuitive gaming experience of words. The Vocabul Hangman Game is applicable for kids to grown-ups as the words available in the database test the knowledge of all ages. Vocabul Hangman is built on a concept of self-evaluation such that in future this game could compliment with the Vocabul product.

Vocabul Hangman Game is offered in two formats, one a free game which is supported by Ads and Donations from users and the other a Paid one, users can purchase the removal of Ads from within the App. Vocabul Hangman game is designed to grow with more number of words added to its knowledge base and with the increase in the number of levels and categories in which the game can be played.

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