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JKL technologies is a technology startup specializing in producing products for Businesses & Consumers. We put forth products which increase your productivity as a business, a team and as an individuals working towards a common goal. We also build products which enable self-learning & self-evaluation in kids.

Our vision to create and deploy tools relevant for businesses which enable efficient communication with their customers. One of our product which addresses this particular discipline is the SOCamps (Social Objective Campaigns) Tool.

Another part of our vision is to create products which satisfy the quest for knowledge among your kids. These products also address the intriguing thought process of the grown-ups. Part of this vision is our Vocabulary Tool which along with being free is also built upon the User Generated Content (UGC) concept where the users are able to increase the our vocabulary database based on their current knowledge.

Our product base is bound to expand with newer products for our twin-visions in future with new Sales & Marketing Tools as well as Knowledge Tools.

A(P)ertain Tool

A(P)ertain - Pertain Engine® for Decisions

A(P)ertain is a Mobile App/Game Developers' Tool which enables internal features from within a Mobile App/Game. It provides great features such as Rating Process Flow, In-App Feedback, App Analytics, App Support Chatter - which enable the Mobile App Developer to focus on his market and develop an awesome game. These tools provide a different perspective and understanding about the users who are using the App as well as provide a unique insight into when processes such as Rating & In-App Feedback should be carried out from within the App.

Vocabulary Tool

Vocabul - Vocabulary Tool for Kids

Vocabulary (Vocabul) Tool provides a means to explore words from the English language in a unique manner which is both educational and entertaining. Vocabul focusses on kids as well as adults trying to learn English as a new language by providing them resources to know, pronounce and use the words they discover using the tool. A mobile application is also provided for easy way to explore the words from the language.

Social Objective Campaigns

SOCamps - Social Objective Campaigns

Social Objective Market Campaigning (SOCamps) Tool provides a means to send out Sales & Marketing messages to your Leads, Potentials & Customers with the latest and greatest of what you offer across all available messaging platforms. Starting with primary e-mail communication to the latest social media communication platforms, SOCamps ensures you are able to engage with your target audience with your message.