About The People

We at JKL Technologies love to put Customer first in each & every aspect of our company. As our Product is developed meticulously, so are our employees. The employees are chosen not only for their skillsets, but also the manner they would engage with our customers, fellow employees and how they have the passion to fulfil the organizational objectives to everyone involved.

We expect utmost sincerity, honesty in our employees and we look for the “fire in the belly” attitude to accomplish something worthwhile in their career. We train our employees especially for their customer facing initiatives, either if it's a tele-conference, video-conference, remote-support, or engaging in a healthy discussion on improving the product.

JKL About the People

The work culture fuels the passion for development. We are always on the lookout for sincere people with immense talent or potential to make it in the big league.

We recruit not for the sake of it, but for rewarding great talent that comes our way. We recruit round-the-year if we feel the candidate is worth our effort. If our major criteria are met, we create a position for the candidate in our company. As human resources are more valuable, we recruit for the person and not for the post. Our whole company is built that way.

JKL Technologies is head-quartered in Chennai, a green, lush, traditional, conservative and a little bit sunny South-Indian city.

If you are go-getter who initiates revolutionary changes in your life, have fire in the belly which is not quenched by ordinary work, or just simply want to change the world, please contact us careers AT jkltech DOT in with your information & accomplishments (your current work available on the web, open source or otherwise).

Career in JKL Technologies

We are a flat organization and its not very hard to see the Founder or any other senior developers working with fresh developers (or vice-versa) in order to learn the latest trends & technologies with their perspective. We encourage performance over seniority for performance appraisal. Our work model involves flexi-timing, flexi-holiday packages, flexi-work policies whichever would increase employee productivity and improve employee morale.

What it means to be JKL Employee?

Learning with a young, vibrant team of technologies which you see mention only as off in TechCrunch, ARS Technica or Wired Articles. Working as a team complimenting each others talents and producing world-class products which the world is open to follow and experience. Creating something out of nothing with just imagination of what it should look like. If you are go-getter who initiates revolutionary changes in your life, have fire in the belly which is not quenched by ordinary work, or just simply want to change the world you are open to choose JKL Technologies.

Employee Ethics

We expect a strong work ethic, with straight-forward honesty, and directness to what is in the thoughts of the employee. We encourage constructive criticism and expect the employees to be polite and hard on their thoughtfulness and understanding to express their criticism. We expect open-minded friendly work environment and encourage our thought process for the welfare of the products, services and the organization as a whole.

Expectations from an Employee

We tend to listen to the employee as how our company grows depends on having satisfied employees. If we can't fulfil an employee expectation, we guarantee that this will only be a temporary state. And we would strive very hard to accommodate such request on the behest of the overall benefit for the organization.

People v/s Post

We don't shop for a people for the role within the organization, but rather shop for role for the suitable person who we have just hired. Which means that we don't pass up on hiring an exquisite talent just that we don't currently have a role defined in the organization for them. We try to define the role and a path for them as these are the people who tend to bring in business and in terms increase the bottomline for the organization.