Vocabul Jumble Game

Vocabul Jumble Game Features

Vocabul Jumble is a fun way for everyone to evaluate their English language vocabulary. Our primary game play focuses on the users' thought process with simple and commonly used words to complex and intuitively difficult words. Vocabul Jumble intrigues the mind to energize more knowledge to itself. This game will initiate more active learning of a word unknown yet from our word database and in turn enable passive hunger for more reading.

Users are provided with a natural touch interface which enables the users to play the game in the most natural manner possible. It enables them to run combinations of the jumbled word to reinvent and understand the word which is already in their mind. The game rejuvenates and refreshes the mind's need for a different perspective in learning a new as well as known word.

Enables competitive gaming with sharing of game scores and level completions through various social media networks. Also with the multi-user environment of the game enables that the whole family can enjoy the game competitively. The game provides room for active competitions by monitoring the other users' statistics and thus provide the impetus needed for challenges.

Vocabulary Tool

Vocabul Features

Vocabul is a fun way for kids to learn the English language. Our primary features focus on the knowledge base itself with lots of content from grade based learning with single & multi-syllable words. Our unique feature is to impart as much knowledge we can based on the words. For example, when a kid learns a new word from the book, his first instance is to learn what is the meaning of the word from a dictionary, then search the web for an appropriate pictorial representation for the new word. Then, practice creating sentences which makes the word tick in various contexts. We want to provide a single window of lookup for such varied forms of enthusiasm shown by the kid in this crucial learning phase.

Children can self-learn by selecting various words provided with different categories such as names of Animals, names of Trees, verbs, adjectives. Or can just lookup a particular word just like in a dictionary. They are also grouped based on alphabets. These grouping are made after thorough analysis of the language material and thus making sure kids continue their quest for words based on the grouping they are found with.

Children if they once learn a word, then they can continue their quest based on the current grouping or can select a different grouping to learn more words among them. For example, if a kid learns the word “Lion” he can continue his quest with just the “Wild Animals”, “Predators”, “Lion Family” etc.,

Vocabul also trains the kids in learning the spelling of the words they learn with interactive voice-recognition and self-evaluation tests. Provides a training a kid can expect from a personalized teacher. Its never young enough to learn a new word, hence we also have comprehensive word collection for all ages to learn and remember.

Vocabul also comes with a unique feature through which Parents can track the progress of their kids. Our Registration itself allows only the Parents to get registered and enable registration of their children with link to their account. This allows for managing the learning of their kids and also allows parents to audit what their kids have learnt. They can also manage providing self-evaluating tests for their children. We also have a roadmap where the parent gets a news feed on what the kids are upto within the Application.

One of the vital part of this application is the ability to use the tablet application across wards such that it is basically a multi-user learning system using which any family member can do their self-learning. Our evaluation tests are based on world renowned SpellBee, TOEFL type competitions where the English language knowledge of tested for targeted purposes.

Social Objective Campaigns

SOCamps Features

The goal of the SOCamps is to generate engaging campaigns objectively relevant to the specific target audience you want to focus. Hence, SOCamps gives the ability for the user to group your Customers or Leads into various groups and target each type of audience with each type of campaigns. Some of your customers may like a more personal e-mail, & some may like a lot of data with downloadable material.

Through our Auto-Magical Reporting Engine, you can choose what makes a campaign tick for a particular customer and engage them with appropriate content. This enables clean non-intrusive engagement from your customers & leads and also provides easier conversion or rates for your campaign.

SOCamps works both as a Sales Tool as well as a Marketing Tool. It can work as an individual e-mailer to engage a particular customer also it can be used for mass campaigns. We have created a hierarchical as well as global organization system for your customer subscriptions. With such grouping you can create a team and enable them to run their campaigns within their specific customer/lead base thus, isolating your whole customer base.

Each & every customer is grouped in a tagged manner to allow permission to send e-mails. There are always premium customers who shall not be interacted with by every Team member, but only by those members who know what interests them.

Our Automated scheduler makes sure you connect with the right people at the right time. For example, you can select when a particular customer have to receive the campaign message; i.e., If you set a customer on 9:00 AM PST, he will get it on 9:00 AM PST, not any other time. Similarly, if you select 9:00 AM deliverable for a campaign, the customer in PST will get it at 9:00 AM PST & a customer in CST will get it at 9:00 AM CST. We run multiple Servers and make sure that the load is split among the servers so even if you send a campaign for 1 million customers, the message will be delivered at the the corresponding time without any fuss.

Our Social Media options enable a team to manage Facebook fan, Twitter follower interactions in a more personal & global manner.