JKL Company

The Company

JKL technologies is Technology Product startup providing Software Products & Services for customers. We are focused on providing Productivity Tools for the Sales & Marketing Teams of businesses. We also focus on providing a Knowledge Tool in languages (mainly English) for kids.

We are an expert in hosting & maintaining cloud based resources for E-Mail & Other Messaging solutions, Web-Site, Blogs, etc., using which we provide consultation services for those who wish to move to the cloud. We are also experts in hosting Intranet & Internet Application Environments in cloud for Businesses.

Our SaaS Product A(P)ertain provides a Mobile App Developer SDK with SaaS back-end services for Mobile Developers to be integrated with their Mobile Apps/Games. The SDK provides an analytics tool to gain knowledge of user behavioural patterns and a Pertain Engine® for acting on users' behaviour.

Our SaaS Product SOCamps provide a great productivity tool for Sales & Marketing Teams to engage with Potential Leads & Customers via various Messaging Platforms.

Our SaaS Product Vocabul provide easy to use self-learning & evaluating knowledge tools for languages, mainly English, for kids.

JKL Technologies is led by an elite management team - graduates from some of the best universities from around the world who bring along with them decades of diverse industry experience from across various domains. JKL takes pride in the exceptionally passionate team with honest core values, the most important of which is that we always place our Customers' interest first. This is especially reflected in our Software Services & Products we provide as well as our quick turn-around to Customer requests.

JKL Technologies is head-quartered in Chennai, a green, lush, traditional, conservative and a little bit sunny South-Indian city.