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A(P)ertain - A Pertain Engine® for Decisions

A(P)ertain is a Mobile App/Game Developers' Tool which enables internal features from within a Mobile App/Game. It provides great features such as Smart Rating Prompts, In-App Feedback, App Analytics, App Support Chatter - which enable the Mobile App Developer to focus on his market and develop an awesome game. These tools provide a different perspective and understanding about the users who are using the App as well as provide a unique insight into when processes such as Rating & In-App Feedback should be carried out from within the App.

The Pertain Engine® is a Decision Engine which evaluates various parameters within the Mobile App and provides an appropriation logic and ends up with a TRUE or FALSE decision for the developer to do various workflow processes in his App.

Our default Pertain Engine® workflows avail you a Rating Prompt process flow which enables to catch the user when he is happy with the App to rate the app. This enables Apps to receive 60% more postive ratings. The same workflow enables an unhappy user to provide constructive feedback about the app which can be addressed.

Furthermore, A(P)ertain provides the developer with tools such as In-App Feedback, App Analytics, App Support Chatter, and much much more...