JKL About the Company

About The Company

JKL Technologies is all about passion for development, either in churning out product features or in engaging with the customers to make their work fun. We do what we do because we enjoy it and because this is our passion. Our company is founded on the basis of loving what you do! To an extent we do whatever we do such that it makes our customers do what they would love to do.

Customer Experience is core to our products & Services. Our thought process thoroughly involves what our customers will do? How they will use this feature? Whether they will like this many clicks to use this functionality? Is there a better looking image for this banner? Can we remodel this such that we can reduce the effort on the user? etc.,

Our values are driven with Customers' invaluable feedback. We take every ounce of information we could collect from Users and use it in a constructive way to improve,

User Experience, User Experience, & User Experience

Our passion is customer experience and hence our functionalities though technical will focus on satisfying what customers' need & want rather than for the sake of it. The complex functionalities are easingly simplified such that every user who faces the product will take back the joy of using the product.

The other thing we are quiet passionate about is the Technology which enables & drives such product experiences. We put extra effort in technologies which makes work more fun for us as well as you. The technology applied in our products tend to create a certain experience where it becomes seemlessly attached to your current workflow and processes.

JKL Technologies is head-quartered in Chennai, a green, lush, traditional, conservative and a little bit sunny South-Indian city.